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Q3.3 [efficient] Gas Regulator (General Type)

  • D283301

High Performance Q3.3 series regulator (maximum output capacity of 3.3 kg per hour of gas)

1 has a full range of product liability insurance NT $ 100 million

(2) Application: water heater (18 liter).

3 Applicable Stove: Hourly consumption of energy 39600kcal / h below are applicable to such gas stoves: gas cooker, seafood stove, two / three-ring gas stove, water heater (18 liter).

4 smooth flow design, enabling full advantage of firepower, thermal performance of fully released, and thus enhance the performance of gas appliances, to save gas effect.

5 regulator with safety period, normally used for 2 years to be replaced

6 Color management instructions
   Gas pressure regulator and gas pipes in the material is a consumable, so commanding the first to import color safety management, color-coded safe use of the product year
   A two-year replacement identify colors, to remind technicians and consumers to reduce supplies expired or the potential risk of deterioration, improve your gas appliance re-use security.

Liou-Tai Industry Ltd.

Liou-Tai of a wide range of industrial duct components, gas pipes, water heater, gas stove, range hood, forced exhaust pipe spare parts, and all walks of life have been closely linked together, but also the first company to adopt the MOEA BSMI inspection of CNS9620 special rubber gas fuel gas pipe, CNS inspection broad areas such as gas regulator.

Liou-Tai tubes and gas regulator gas products through national commodity inspection standards for goods safety marks and Taiwan Association of Insurance certified gas mark, and in the interests of consumers as a priority first nationwide accident insurance one hundred million yuan product liability insurance, as long as the package label attached to the insurance products and affixed during installation can enjoy Internet Sign accident liability insurance protection products.

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