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A collection of high-pressure steel pipe (includes dimensions)

Commanding CNS9621 business using LPG pressure rubber hose (H level)

1 has a full range of product liability insurance NT $ 100 million

2 Size Code: N140230 3 feet
                   N140240 4 feet
                   N140250 5 feet
                   N140260 6 feet
3 oil, abrasion, weather resistance, anti-cracking, suitable for general family (outdoors) prohibited the use of the fast furnaces and medium / high pressure gas appliances.

4 with oil, fire, rodent, acid, anti-cracking CNS9621 Series Please installed outdoors (due to the outer vent emissions are therefore often mistakenly odor
Sentenced to leak or affect the accuracy of gas detectors).

Liou-Tai Industry Ltd.

Liou-Tai of a wide range of industrial duct components, gas pipes, water heater, gas stove, range hood, forced exhaust pipe spare parts, and all walks of life have been closely linked together, but also the first company to adopt the MOEA BSMI inspection of CNS9620 special rubber gas fuel gas pipe, CNS inspection broad areas such as gas regulator.

Liou-Tai tubes and gas regulator gas products through national commodity inspection standards for goods safety marks and Taiwan Association of Insurance certified gas mark, and in the interests of consumers as a priority first nationwide accident insurance one hundred million yuan product liability insurance, as long as the package label attached to the insurance products and affixed during installation can enjoy Internet Sign accident liability insurance protection products.

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